Welcome to the Omnichain Future

In Phase 1, Tapioca DAO's TAP token will come to exist via an LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool). Once the TAP LBP Auction is complete, Phase 2 will start and you can claim & exercise any Option Airdrop that you qualify for.

This Option Airdrop is denominated in aoTAP, which will give you the option to purchase TAP at a significant discount to market price.


11 June 2024

Launch Auction

Participating in the LBP Launch Auction will make you eligible for the Option Airdrop!

The launch auction will last for 2 days.

14 June 2024


There will be four phases of the Tapioca Option Airdrop, enabling you to purchase TAP well below its prevailing market value. This is known as an ITM (in the money) call option.

The airdrop phases begin upon the completion of the LBP.